Kids Educational Toys

Give your child a head-start not only in school but in life.

It’s never too early to start stimulating brain with mental exercises to boost the neural connections growth. The toys and puzzles in this store will help your child achieve that.

Have you ever wondered why majority of Chinese kids excel at school? There are several reasons and one of them is that parents put strong emphasis on the importance of early brain development through educational toys and limiting child’s access to TV, PC games and smart phones.

According to many recent studies every new human generation is less intelligent than the previous one. And this is associated with the constantly increasing number of new gadgets and applications for those gadgets infiltrating into our lives. People, including young kids, are spending countless hours mindlessly watching screens of their smartphones, tablets, smart watches, computers and TVs while their brains remain in idle (non thinking) state. When muscles are not exercised they shrink, the same applies to brains. We have been designed to learn through experiencing physical world, using our senses, touching, feeling, seeing, smelling and tasting 3D objects.

Young kid’s eyes develop better when they look at physical objects which have depth. Flat screens don’t have depth,  they are 2 dimensional. So don’t let your child watch screens for more than 2 hrs a day. The rest should be spent on physical and mental activities to develop brain, gross motor skills, eye-hand coordination and more. Thus playing with physical toys and puzzles can immensely improve child’s development.