Puzzles & Brain Teasers

Keep your brain young and sharp by exercising it.

It’s never too early or too late to start stimulating brain with mental exercises to boost the neural connections growth and develop/regenerate your brain.
Here is a large collection of puzzles and mind teasers to develop, stimulate and regenerate your brain.
Something for everyone from kids to centenarians and more.
Keep your brain young and sharp, improve your brain's cognitive performance by exercising it; don’t let it get to dementia state.
For almost a century it was thought that brain cells don't regenerate. However latest scientific studies show that cells regeneration occurs in adult brains too. There are a few cell growth stimulating factors and one of them is mental stimulation with brain exercises.
 Turn of your TV, stop staring at your "smart" phone because brain remains idle (non thinking) when you watch screens. And idle brains do shrink like muscles that are not exercised.
Did you know that hands also have pressure points like feet? So by playing with physical objects you massage those points and improve health of internal organs and yourself in general.
So grab a puzzle and exercise your brain and hands!