Rokr Solar Energy Space Hunting Assembly Vehicles

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No battery needed, ROKR Space Hunting series are 100% powered by solar energy. For best function effect, you can orient solar panels towards the sun.

Non-Glue& Natural ROKR Space Hunting series is completely connected by pins and tails. High-tech laser-cutting makes precise and smooth edges of wooden pieces. Parts fit well and are easy to assemble. Just patiently follow the instructions, don’t rush or you will break the pieces.

Rambler Rover LS401 has two seats, hand controller, high gain antenna and camera to collect data.

Harbinger Rover LS402 is equipped with a ChemCam, an APXS(Alpha Particle Xray Spectrometer) and Mastcam

Vagabond Rover LS503 is designed with so many vivid details of a planetary rover. Building every part of the rover will inspire your imagination and exploration spirit. It includes: a panoramic camera, a hazard avoidance camera, a sounder, and a solar panel.

Navitas Rover LS504  includes a crane arm and string hook to lift, a trailer to upload, a climbing ladder  and a control room to drive.

Brand Name: ROKR
Material: Wood
Gender: Unisex
Scale: 1:12
Theme: Space Vehicle
Age Range: > 14 years old

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